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Amala and Kamala, Two Children raised by wolves

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the two children Amala and Kamala, This story is most likely a fake because of the circumstances surrounding their rescue and the reporting of the story.
The story is told by a catholic priest who runs an orphanage in India. He claims to have found these two children in a wolves den in 1920, Amala was about 2 years old and Kamala was about eight.
The rescue was not easy as the mother wolf fought very hard to protect the two girls she was raising. Eventually the mother wolf had to be shot to rescue the girls. The only problem however is that the catholic priest was alone when this dramatic rescue took place. So in reality, only he knows the true origin of these girls.
The two girls were brought to the orphanage by the priest and he immediatly started making money from them. Visitors would pay money to see the girls, donations started coming in by the truckload and the orphanage that was at the point of closing due to financial problems became prosperous overnight.


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